This is one of the colorful shades at the Charlotte Light Rail’s 3rd Street Station. I happened to be walking under it at high noon a few days ago and had my Nikon D700 with me. I looked up and liked what I saw. I framed it and shot, barely fitting it in with my 28-105 zoom. The abstract effect is kind of reminiscent of a “play button!”

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About claforet

I have been photographing since my college days. My current gear is a Nikon D-700 along with a plethora of lenses, and always tote an Olympus point-and-shoot digital camera attached to my hip. My first serious camera was a Canon EF back in the early 80s. A Canon A-1 soon followed. Since then, I also have had a Minolta Maxxum, Nikon FM, Nikon F4, and Nikon Point and Shoot in my film days. I have had and maintained a private full color and B&W lab on and off for much of that time. My photos can be found at Photography and painting are my "sanity breaks" that save me from my day-to-day software development existence! I host a group in Facebook called "Painting as a Second Language" for anyone who is interested in painting as an outlet for the day-to-day pressures. Please look it up and join if you think it will meet your needs. Recently, I have also branched into the video world and am learning how to shoot video better and how to edit compelling video sequences. My learning experiences will be part of this blog and my videos can be seen at I live in, and photograph mostly around, North Carolina. I love traveling so there are many shots from states around us, out West, and other places. My daughter has been bitten by the photography bug too. She has spent time in a B&W lab and loves the excitement generated by just the smell of the chemicals. Maybe one day she will take over where I leave off....
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One Response to Translucence

  1. instillari says:

    This is awesome! And In agree it does resemble a play button, great eye!

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